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Jan 13, 2010 5:00pm EST
. >> reporter: he and other leaders met with the republic's ambassador to the united states to get updated and brainstorm relief plans. >> we participated in the revolutionary war of the united states. we helped you guys. in latin america, we helped simon bolivar to liberate his country. today we are seeking the same. >> reporter: ambassador raymond joseph says it's been non-stop meeting with the state department and trying to speak with haiti's president, whose palatial home was levelled. >> even the palace has been hit that hard. just the flimsy, flimsy abode hanging on the heels around port-au-prince must be just like cardboard. >> reporter: the numbers of dead and injured are staggering given the level of catastrophe. it's not surprising to those who know the country will. >> port-au-prince was built for a population of 50,000. and today in and around port-au-prince, we have 2 million people. and a lot of them with living in flimsy abodes. >> and we are awaiting to hear from the ambassador for another update in the next hour. they are very busy working inside. a candlelight vigil sched
Jan 5, 2010 5:00pm EST
qaeda in the arabian peninsula sought to strike not only american targets in yemen but the united states itself. we had information that this group was working with an individual to was known -- who we now know was the individual involved in the christmas attack. >> the president added that he expects the initial reviews of the incident to be finished in a few days. he has also recommended recommendations on specific changes to be made to prevent similar attacks in the future. in the meantime, security concerns caused evacuations at two airports on opposite sides of the countryoday. first in bakersfield, california, a checked bag tested positiveor possible traces of a hazardous material. two tsa workers reportedly were overcome by fumes from a chemical irritant that was in a sports bottle. the airport was evacuated, flights in and out were suspended. a haz-mat team determined that the subtastance was not explosi. in south carolina, there was an evacuation after a tsa officer noticed a door to a tarmac was open and unattended. a security sweep turned up nothing. airport officials say they
Jan 8, 2010 5:00pm EST
of the district of columbia. and where if there's going to be a major attack on the united states, it is not going to hop into utah. the blast zone, whether it's bio or whatever, is right here. >> prince georges hospital center is the second busiest trauma center in the area. >>> a paramedic whose handling of "new york times" reporter david rosenbaum led an an overhaul of a system is going back to work. rosenbaum was mugged and beaten with a pipe outside his northwest home. he died from his injuries two days later. paramedic salina walker was fired months later. authorities accused her of driving to a hospital on the other side of the city so she could stop and get money to buy dinner. she disputed those claims. the d.c. court of appeals has ordered that walker was wrongly fired and must be reinstated. two men were arrested and convicted of rosenbaum's murder. >>> still ahead, fans are getting ready to head to the verizon center for tonight's wizards game without gilbert arenas. we'll see how fans feel about the controversy. >>> and we'll share important tips on how to rebound financially in this
Jan 18, 2010 5:00pm EST
-american president of the united states would be very proud of the fact that america finally got over its racial attitude. >> now, if you miss any of these events, don't worry, there are more ceremonies tonight. jim? >> all right, john, thank you. >>> coming uh, the crisis continues in haiti. we have the latest on the race to save lives tonight. wendy joins jim vance next at 6:00. >>> a shoplifter has died after a confrontation with police. >>> the taliban today launches the most complex attack. >> people all over this country pay tribute to dr. martin luther king jr. >>> the food, the water, the supplies are rolling into haiti, but tensions remain high in the
Jan 19, 2010 5:00pm EST
-- the previous best effort for a text campaign in the united states was less than $500,000. so this is shattering every record that's ever been seen. >> reporter: todonate $10, text 90999 to haiti. at&t says its customers have pledged over 9 million dl$9 mil. >> we've gone ahead and waived text messaging fees for that text message. and also we've gone ahead and advanced those funds. >> reporter: the american red cross is getting the word out. people understand why texting donations has become so popular. >> it's easy. people do it every day. i think we're a society of convenience andt's the most convenient way to help people. >> reporter: but there are still skeptics out there not sold on the safety of text messaging. if you're sure all of that money was going to a charity, would that change your mind? >> yeah, if i was sure about it. but this is the first time it's caught on in the wake of a disaster. i'd rather make sure that my money where it's going to do the best good. >> if you text your donations to the american red cross, we'll get them to support the victims and survivors of this disaste
Jan 20, 2010 5:00pm EST
was sworn in as the 44th president of the united states. the first african-american ever to hold the office of u.s. commander in chief. the event was witnessed by well over a million attendees here in washington. that was then. this is now. tonight we take a look at how the year has worn on the president and how people think things are going one year later. tom sherwood took a sample today and is here now with his report. >> dozens of souvenir shops popped up a year ago when obama took office. today, we found one that's still open. the big buttons are still selling. and the bobble-head obama is $9.99, marked down from $15. but that's better than what's his name going for $6. this temporary obama inauguration store opened a year ago on 7th street downtown near pennsylvania avenue. >> i thought this store would be here a couple of weeks. it's still here a year later. >> yeah. actually we were planning on closing on february 10th, but we stayed on because of the sales going sky-high. >> reporter: a year ago, 2 million people crowded into downtown d.c. for the historic inaugural of the first af
Jan 21, 2010 5:00pm EST
with physical therapy and things like that. we have hundreds and hundreds of volunteers throughout the united states who once the relief efforts are completed, they'll go down there, we'll send them down with the equipment that's necessary and we'll give the people new productivity. >> the trauma victims need doctors right now. how long do you foresee them -- more doctors getting in there. >> clearly the pipeline has been clogged but we think it's starting to open up. we had a meeting yesterday where we talked about all the doctors in virginia who are mobilizing to go down there. once there's more transportation and support on the ground, we'll see a large number of people down there. it's tough right now. >> meanwhile, your need is for cash. >> our need is for cash so we can provide those to our folks on the ground that we're working with so they can get the creature comforts they need to get their mission up and running again. >> a lot of work to do. thank you, ron sconyers of physicians for peace. you can help by going to jim? >> pat, thank you. >>> we here at news4
Jan 22, 2010 5:00pm EST
the place to be. i have a feeling that the lord is pro-life. >> reporter: in front of the united states supreme court building, a group of pro-choice protesters held their annual rally to celebrate the anniversary of roe v. wade, which legalized abortion. >> we know that, you know, many people are intimidated by the large groups of the other side every year, but we believe it's important to stand up and stand for the truth. that's why we're here today. >> it's not my position to tell a woman what to do with her own body. if she wants to be a part of humanity, she needs to have sovereignty over her body. >> reporter: the rally, the march, and the protests were all peaceful. mostly non-political, but for everyone on both sides, it was personal. >> i had my son when i was 18. i almost didn't choose life. i mean, i used to be pro-choice and i'm very pro-life right now. i know that women do regret abortion. >> and the march started on the mall and ended at the supreme court building. traffic was kind of tied up for quite some time, but now t streets are reopened and everyone is getting back
Jan 25, 2010 5:00pm EST
:00. >>> a virginia pastor and hi wife are in haiti tonight, anxiously waiting to come back to the united states with a new baby boy. larry warren is an associate pastor at the park valley church in haymarket, virginia. he and his wife had unsucce unsuccessfully adopting a haitian child for the past dozen years but they recently got involved in helping haitian angel. after several trips to haiti, they are finally bringing back their new 1-year-old, but it wasn't easy. >> just roadblock after roadblock, including in haiti. they started to adopt this little boy and then stopped again because of red tape and how much it would cost. so this is an unbelievably happy conclusion to what's been really hard for them. >> the group says the couple should be back home within a day or so. they are already planning the baby shower. there are lots of ways you can help the people of haiti. log on to our website and there you'll find a list of legitimate organizations that are collecting donations. just search the word help once you get to our site. there's also a link in the middle of the home page. when sdmi.
Jan 28, 2010 5:00pm EST
him back to the united states, john travolta. the actor had been flying volunteers and supplies into haiti. he says leaving haiti behind was tough. >> you feel as if you want to well up with tears, with emotion. and i felt the same way returning. you know, i felt as if i was able to, you know, contribute in a little way. but you still leave feeling as if you haven't done enough. >> reporter: that's why he's determined to keep going back to volunteer. possiblya possiblyads early as next month. >>> and just moments ago, the fairfax county search and rescue team returned toulles airport from their work in haiti. we'll have that special report on their homecoming in our next half hour. >>> the author of the book "the catcher in the rye" has died. j.d. sallinger died of natural causes yesterday. he was 91 years old. he wrote "the catcher in the rye" for adults, but it became a touchstone for a generation of teens. he lived for decades in isolation at his small house in new hampshire. confirm a confirmation of his death came from his son. >>> coming up, a dog shot because it wasbarkin
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10